Sailing Cinderella – The Trip – Sailing Around the World

I know this is a big curiosity for everyone, what is the plan? Where are you going? When will you be there?

The answer is not easily defined. You see, the ocean has a mind of it’s own, and we want to avoid any rough conditions at sea. Sailing is supposed to be fun, right??

For those of you who are unfamiliar, a fellow by the name of Jimmy Cornell has put together a fantastic book called “World Cruising Routes.” This book is basically a list of all the weather patterns of the world. It describes the typical routes around the world based on downwind sailing. We have been sailing for thousands of years, and there is quite a bit of data out there.

In short, we will be planning our voyage to go around the world avoiding cyclone seasons.

But that’s not an answer you say! You are right, lets dig a little deeper and take a look at our intended plan.

Our general trip will take us down the coast from Seattle to San Diego where we plan to meet up with the Baja Haha cruisers rally.

The rally is a group of boats who “race” to Cabo San Lucas, while having fun stops along the way.

Once in Mexico, we will explore and slowly sail south until we make the jump across the Pacific. This jump will either land us in the Marquesas or Easter Island depending on how far south we make it before the weather tells us we must go, but we would like to visit those big stone heads in Easter Island.

Once the big jump is made we will cruise the Pacific Islands for the season, eventually taking us to Vanuatu where we will have to decide whether to head to Australia or hop down south to New Zealand. If New Zealand we will explore to our hearts content then head back north and eventually up the Australian coast to Indonesia.

Indonesia is a launching point for eastern Asia and again we will make a decision to visit Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand or past Singapore to Western Thailand and the Andaman Islands of India.

Once in the Indian Ocean we will hop across from island to island and atoll to atoll Seychelles, Maldives, Cocos Keeling, Christmas Island to name a few.

That will eventually take us to Madagascar and around the Cape of Good Hope. Waiting patiently for good weather of course.

Once around the Cape, we will follow the cruisers route up the Atlantic to St. Helena to Georgetown to Cape Verde and eventually the Canaries.

We then plan to sail through the pillars of Hercules into the Mediterranean.

After exploring the Mediterranean, we again will have to make a decision, whether to head north and explore Portugal, Ireland and head toward Iceland or to head back down south to the Canaries and jump across to the Gulf of Mexico.

If we head North, we will cross in the horse latitudes and land in Nova Scotia, it will allow us to sail down the US East Coast before entering the Gulf.

I can’t imagine what state our minds will be by that time, after sailing most of the way around the world we may want to keep exploring and head North, or we may want to head straight home.

Either way we will transit the Panama Canal and sail north back to Seattle, by way of Hawaii.

Not a bad little trip, eh?