Sailing Cinderella – DIY Blog

Nerd Life and Innovation Onboard our Modern Ship

When Pajo bought Cinderella, he paid $6000. As you could imagine for such a cheap boat from 1971, there was plenty of work to do. With an aggressive two year plan to get Cindy ready for the trip of a lifetime, there is no time to waste!

Cinderella is our home, our vessel, our launchpad, our sailboat. It is important that we have a safe, comfortable, dry space. After all, we are going to be living on her for the next couple years as we cross oceans!

This page is your portal to all of our projects big and small, with a focus on electrical systems. As part of the conversion from diesel to electric drive, we completely overhauled the old minimal system and developed a new 12v electric system including solar panels. We also have some fun adventures in networks, and rigging to share with the world, oh joy!

Our goal is to document these projects so that it might benefit you to learn from our mistakes and successes as you stumble into boat projects of your own. Happy nerding!