Sailing the Baja California Sur

We have been making our way down the beautiful desert like Baja coast about a week behind when the HaHa left. Classic Cinderella, un poco tarde. All for the best though, the sailing was amazing and we had a chance to really explore each anchorage and meet some other boats.

We were finally headed south to Mexico! All that was left was to pick up a backup anchor (thanks again Marina Hell Rey) and fill our water tanks. We said our goodbyes to Dan and Bev and off we sailed… er drifted.

We got a bit of a late start and missed the sea breeze that would take us out to the steady northwesterly blowing down from the North Pacific. 

After a night of luffing sails the wind finally filled in and we were off. The passage was a bit rolly, but filled with fish! we caught four Skipjack Tuna hoping for some yellowtail. Skipjack are a beautiful fish that taste a bit fishy, but make great fish tacos!

In our last port of call Bahia Tortuga, we had been fortunate to meet a delivery captain named Jeff who was basically a local, who organized a fish fry and introduced us to some of the locals our age who were so welcoming and spirited. They invited us surfing first thing in the morning, the local spot they frequent. How do you say, HECK YEAH en Espanol? Adriana is a super rad chica and shreds the gnar on the regular at their surf spot. She spent a lot of time teaching Pajo how to surf and we ripped a couple waves in. Then once everyone had their fill, we got back into the truck and drove along the beach bumping feel good vibes and looking out to the surf, we saw dolphins (the real locales) getting their fill of surf. It was only noon and already it was of those days where you have to pinch yourself that this life is real.

We thoroughly enjoyed kickin it with Adriana and the local guys, connecting with them in Spanglish and playing Sublime songs at the Cantina. We shared some cervezas with Anotnio who was in from Mexico City to open up the cantina for the HaHa crowd. Our time in Bahia Tortuga was something we will never forget.

The festive spirit was high after leaving Bahia Tortuga with Colmena and Sea Casa. We felt grateful to have all made it to this beautiful place called Mexico and to all be together exploring. There was a good little hike over the ridge to Punta Hughes and a favorite little beach nearby. I paddled over and relished some private yoga time. The water was cool and refreshing in the dry heat.

We spent some time exploring the standing wave right outside the little estuary. We found lots of dead things on the beach including a hammerhead shark spinal cartilage and other mummified remains. Pajo and I gathered wood for the beach fire.

Our second night in Bahia Santa Maria was Thanksgiving and Dan and Bev showed up! We had a thanksgiving potluck hosted on Malo complete with sweet potatoes and Trader Joe’s pumpkin pasta Bev made. Yum! We cracked open our reserve of Bourbon and lit off another cruiser’s stash of American bought fireworks (likely contraband, but don’t worry – biodegradable).

These anchorages just keep getting better. Next stop, Cabo San Lucas where Pajo’s parents will visit us. Then we plan to round the corner up to La Paz for some imminent boat projects.

Happy Thanksgiving from Baja!

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