Winter Sailing Between Projects: Bainbridge + Rainbows Edition

Amidst all of the projects currently underway, Ava and I decided to take a little weekend sail. It sounded so good. The weather was beginning to warm, and I was one small…ish project away from a fun, stress free weekend of cruising.

We have a few weeks remaining before Swiftsure, and Cinderella has been undergoing a complete interior refit. Ava will be moving aboard in early June, and I need to get all of the interior rebuild completed while we still have an apartment to use as sanctuary.

Moving aboard a small boat is one thing, moving aboard an active project, god save our relationship.

But you aren’t reading this to hear about boat work!

It was Saturday, Ava was finishing up working at the Cafe and I was going to meet her in Ballard so we could head out the locks and off to magical places.

I was finishing the install of our new Dyno battery bank that morning and, the process moving and rewiring our motor controller. (more on our super awesome Dyno site tour coming soon!)

We agree on one thing though, it’s making our boat ready for comfy living but also spontaneous sailing, which is an art form we are slowly getting good at these days, we get lots of practice every Tuesday in the summertime for Duck Dodge.

We thought we’d go beyond Lake Union for a change and meet up with the old grey hairs for a raft up over at Manzanita Bay. What we discovered though is that we had the wrong location, no grey hairs to be found there. Turns out the rendezvous was elsewhere but we still had a solid adventure, classic moody Seattle skies made for some spontaneous rainbows and pretty dope sunsets.


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Pajo was intent on testing out the new rigging and kept his eyes glued to the mast and sail trim. His way of collecting data on the fine tuning of Cindy’s mast. We had great wind the whole way! We learned about our hangry and sleepy meters that night and Ava got to sharpen her sailing skills a bit. Hooray for wintery sailing in the Puget Sound… seems to be our favorite.
Ava + Pajo

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