My Experience with EV – Part 4 Buying MORE Goodies

While I sit here anxiously waiting for my parts to arrive, I decided to sit down and draw out a wiring diagram for what my system will look like. Kelly Controls has a recommended wiring diagram on their website for their controller, so I started there and added a few things specific to my system.

Electric Sailboat, Manta 2, Manta Drive, PNW Sailing, Cinderella
This is the rudimentary schematic I drew up for the Manta Drive, I am sure some things will change, but its 80% accurate.

First off, I wanted a key to turn everything on and off, to keep people from jumping on-board and taking Cinderella for a joy ride without my permission. I also wanted a buzzer and a fan that will kick on if the motor got too hot for any reason. And because amazon is at your fingertips, I bought a couple of meters to display the battery percentage, the amps being drawn, the battery voltage, and the total energy used. This should make the system look a little sleeker and give me feedback on how it’s running. The wiring diagram also called for a resistor, a diode, and two switches (one to enable regen, and one to go between forward and reverse.)

After a few hours comparing options, I hit the bank account for another 30.62 bringing my total to 638.97.

The last components required are a throttle lever and 3 batteries. This should be another ~$400.

This should bring my total cost of the system to 1038.97, or 1588.97 excluding the engine sale. Not too bad considering I was expecting $1700 overall. Before I get too excited, let’s wait and see how it goes.

Follow along on My Experience with EV – Part 5 for adventures in motor mounts.

8 Replies to “My Experience with EV – Part 4 Buying MORE Goodies”

  1. Saludos!!! estoy usando un controlador kelly PM48301 y esta armado el circuito! no me da error, pero al momento de activar el acelerador no reacciona el motor (el motor esta probado y funciona bien) utilizo unas baterias de 48v y 240 Ah, gracias!!!

  2. Good day,
    I’m about to install an 120V 25 kW DC E-motor on my 64 feet sailboat.
    I’m a very good engineer but I would appreciate your help knowing your experience.
    Are you OK to give me some help please?
    Sailors Regards

  3. Hi, which controller would you choose if it wasn’t the one you have from Kelly? Thanks for your help. If you cruise thru Miami Beach holler we’ll buy you a beer.

    1. There are many controller options. Just need to find one that can handle the voltage and desired amperage of your setup. It must also be able to drive the type of motor you are using.

  4. Love this blog! Would you be able to post a larger picture of your schematic drawing? I’m currently working on an electric overhaul for my Ericson 29 and this info is invaluable.

    1. Hey Monica, thanks for reaching out! I am actually working on an updating the system to utilize a new motor control and hopefully better regeneration. I will update the schematic and the blog once I have that put together.

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