Here at S/V Cinderella we aim to inspire, teach, and motivate. S/V Cinderella is a dream, a dream to explore the world around us whether out sailing across the world or by simply opening our eyes.

About a year ago, as I sat, much like I am right now, in a hip, Seattle cafe, I was overwhelmed by an idea. That idea would soon spur into loads of fun, some crazy experiences, and hopefully take me onward to a lifetime of learning. I decided I was going to sail around the world. Prior to this moment, I had true knowledge of what that meant. I was naive enough to think it was a novel idea. I didn’t have the boat, I didn’t have the skills, I didn’t really even know where to begin.

Fast forward nine months, and I still probably haven’t made much headway on any of those, expect the boat. I have been a sponge, scouring forums, YouTube, loads of books, and chatting with any sailor who had been “out there.” even then I think I only know enough to be dangerous. After all, the sea in a mysterious entity and Cinderella is a small boat.

Come! Join me on my journey as I learn boat carpentry, fiberglass, engines, motors, plumbing, circuitry, and sailing.


Sailboat, Ericson, Sailing, Pacific Northwest,
Cinderella shortly after I bought her

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