We are Pajo and Ava, two salty sailors from Seattle sailing around the world on our Electric Powered sailboat named Cinderella.

We converted Cinderella from dirty diesel to DIY clean electric drive in 2016, built her into a cruising boat tiny house, and started a most excellent adventure: to sail around the world on our little electric boat!

We wanted to prove an electric boat could do it. That we could create a life of energy freedom, seek epic adventures and learn more about the worlds of the Pacific Ocean and beyond! All on a budget.


In four years we have burned ZERO drops of diesel, visited the beautiful shores and amazing humans of 7 countries and clocked 13,000 nm under the keel, with ZERO emmissions, people!


We created this space on the internet to share our story and to offer our innovations and lessons open source: to contribute to the collective nerd-verse. Follow our journey here, and we hope to see you out there.
xoxo Ava + Pajo

Humble beginnings...

Cinderella is an Ericson 35-2 that has a mystical past as a badass racing boat. This very boat was destined for nonstop adventure with this crew.

We ditched the diesel and converted her to electric drive. Pajo designed an all new electric drive system called the Manta Drive which expanded the cabin area and most importantly, reduce our carbon footprint. See how we converted Cinderella to  100% renewable energy!

Electric and never going back...

It's been four years and many miles since Cindy 'went electric.' We love our electric drive. We love the extra space in the cabin, the lack of diesel fumes, the lack of noise, and the lack of maintenance. We love that the system is scalable. And we love that battery technology continues to become more affordable.

Sailing Cinderella is a sandbox where we will continue to test and promote sustainable cruising. Our goal is to help other boaters move toward renewable energy systems and decrease our impact on the planet.

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And stay tuned for some exciting projects we are working on, we can't wait to share with everyone!


We have sailed 10,000 nautical miles since we untied the dock lines from Seattle in September 2017. It's been a wild ride so far! We are in the beautiful South Pacific! Find us on the map and check in often - we're always on the move!

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