Sailing Cinderella – DIY Blog

When Pajo bought Cinderella, he paid $6000. As you could imagine for such a cheap boat, there was plenty of work to do. With an aggressive two year plan to get Cindy ready for the trip of a lifetime, there is no time to waste!

Cinderella is our home, our vessel, our launchpad, our sailboat. It is important that we have a safe, comfortable, dry space. After all, we are going to be living on her for the next couple years as we cross oceans!

This page is your portal to installing insulation, cabinetry, a head, a freshwater system, a new 12v electric system, solar panels, and a full rig inspection all on a tight budget.

Our goal is to document each project so you can learn from our mistakes and successes as you stumble into boat projects of your own.