Meet Pajo and Ava, they are two Seattle-ites getting ready to sail around the world.

Hoisting the sails in September 2017.



We haven’t made it out of WA yet, but there is plenty going on. We are only just beginning to settle in with our crew and finishing up the last minute mods before setting off down the coast.

how it all began…

In 2015, Pajo was sitting in a Seattle cafe, plugging away at work and daydreaming about escaping it all. He was overwhelmed by what some might call, a crazy idea. That idea was like an itch that would soon spur into an insatiable dream. A dream to ditch the script and create his own. The dream to sail around the world.

Since the inception, Pajo has acquired three sailboats and spent lots of time sailing around the lakes of Seattle and the pristine wilds of the Puget Sound and British Columbia. Along the way, he managed to convince a certain Jersey girl to be his first mate. Turns out, Ava shared the same itch for adventure and overwhelming desire to see the world. Ava had never set foot on a sailboat before meeting Pajo, and now could not imagine the next chapter going any other way.

The crucial bit is the kickass sailboat that literally found us! Cinderella is an Ericson 35-2 that has a mystical past as a badass racing boat. This very boat was destined for nonstop adventure with this crew.

The best part, Cinderella’s journey is powered by almost 100% renewable energy! We ditched the diesel and went electric. Pajo designed an all new electric drive system called the Manta Drive which expanded the cabin area and most importantly, reduced our carbon footprint. Now we are in the midst of preparing for our Bluewater cruising days ahead, hoisting the sails September 2017.

There’s MUCH to do until then, and we’re on a small budget with full time jobs to contend with. We created this blog so that we can share the knowledge we gain from DIY boat projects and to share our script as we write it. Lots of learning curves ahead as we cruise into a lifetime of exploration, 6 knots at a time.

Pajo + Ava

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